Currently, the list of admins is as follows:



New requirements have been made for all admins on this wiki. Admins must:

Those wishing to gain an admin status can contact Jordan via his message wall. The wiki is currently hiring new administators, as any extra help offered would be very much appreciated. Remember that being an admin is a responsibility, and only those worthy of the promotion will receive it (In other words, you cannot ask to become an administrator if you have not made over 100 edits)

If any admin does not meet the 10 edit requirement bi-monthly, or disobeys one of the rules constantly, they will be removed of their rights. Being an admin is a responsibility, not a right. You must pull your weight if you are an admin, otherwise you are not fit for the job. Messages will be sent to admins who do not meet the requirements above, telling them they have lost their right as admin, so DO YOUR JOB!