The Unitards is the name of the glee club at Jackson High School. In the pilot episode, In The Beginning, Harmony Harpse, the leader of the club, asks the school's principal, Patrick Jelly, if she can have a director, to which the principal agrees, saying they need one. Later it is revealed that their new director is Jesse St. James. In Smooth Criminal, Jesse quits as the director, and is replaced by Shelby Corcoran in Preparation Begins. Only a few episodes after, though, Shelby is offered a higher money-earning job as a director in New York and takes the offer, leaving The Unitards. Jesse then re-takes her position as director and has remained this way since. Mark 'Terri' LaTerri later became the co-captain of The Unitards with his girlfriend Harmony, but left for Chicago in If We Ever Meet Again to follow his father's work.

In Season One, The Unitards made it to Sectionals in the episode titled A Win? although they didn't truly come in first place. They only won because Poppy Hill, who at the time had transferred to Carmel High and was a performer for Vocal Adrenaline, admitted to everyone that Jesse had actually secretly been mentoring Vocal Adrenaline behind everyone's backs. This disqualified Vocal Adrenaline and the first place trophy was handed to the group who came a true second, which was The Unitards, meaning they actually came first. They competed at Regionals in We're Here!, the twentieth episode of Season One, however, they came third, losing to first place champions, The Shining Showstoppers (led by Jackson Holt) and second place choir, The Musical Melodies (led by fierce rival Crystal Wright).

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The annual school musical productions are run mostly by The Unitards. Auditions for the school musical of Wicked are first held in Popularity. Preparation for the musical continued up until This Is Who I Am, where Mr. Hadberg interrupts a rehearsal and lets them know that since Jesse hadn't bought the rights for the musical, and unless they wanted to be sued and sent to court by the creators of Wicked, they must cancel the musical immediately. The cast are upset.

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Although the school musical of Wicked was cut, later, in the episode He's The Wizard, April Rhodes appears at Jackson High in the choir room, and lets The Unitards know that they can still put a musical on. They question how that's possible, then she suggests that the props they've used for Wicked could be used for most other Wizard of Oz spin-off productions, and she recommends they do The Wiz, as she performed her own "all white" version of the show on Broadway, and she can help them run the show according to her experiences. They all agree, and April helps Jesse to decide on the cast. They go forward with the musical about halfway through the episode, and it is a big hit.

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In Auditions, Part 1, April, who is still in Ohio, along with Jesse, have an idea to host a concert where the money raised will go towards The Unitards bus trip to Regionals. Auditions are to held to see who gets what parts in the concert, although not just The Unitards are invited to audition, absolutely anyone can audition, leading a student named Daisy Evans who shows disgust in joining The Unitards, to audition, as well as Ava Collins, the head cheerleader, and surprisingly Brittany Pierce who's still at McKinley at the time. The actual concert went well with the whole auditorium being filled completely with people. The majority of the people at the concert were young, therefore the large quantity of more recent songs being performed on the night. Although Jesse already declined Ava's request of performing Lady Gaga's "LoveGame" due to the inappropriate messages it portrayed, Ava still somehow encouraged the performers that they were supposed to be performing it, therefore they went ahead with the performance, and despite the inappropriate lyrics and messages, the audience enjoyed it.

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  • Save Me by Queen. Sung by Freddie and Spider (although only Freddie auditioned)
  • Dancing Crazy by Miranda Cosgrove. Sung by Daisy
  • You'll Be Mine by Havana Brown. Sung by Brittany
  • You've Got the Love by Florence + The Machine. Sung by Winter and Harmony
  • Whistle by Flo Rida. Sung by Simon
  • Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera. Sung by Ava

In Auditions, Part 2Edit

  • Starships/Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj/David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj. Sung by Laura (this audition was later however withdrawn)
  • Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. Sung by Carlton, Poppy and Liz
  • Mr Saxobeat/We No Speak Americano by Alexandra Stan/Yolanda Be Cool Vrs Dcup. Sung by Justine, June and Tommy.
  • The Rose by Bette Midler. Sung by Teddy (only mentioned to be auditioned by her when Liz suggests she performs it, after the two had just performed it themselves, but not as an audition)
  • This is Love by ft. Eva Simons. Sung by Spider and Laura (Laura withdrew her previous audition to audition with Spider)
  • Try by P!nk. Sung by Amanda and Rex.

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  • Inescapable by Jessica Mauboy. Sung by Poppy.
  • LoveGame by Lady Gaga. Sung by Ava, Laura, Liz and Poppy.
  • Rolling in the Deep/Toxic by Adele/Britney Spears. Sung by Carlton, Poppy, Lilly, Brittany and Liz (Phoebe and Harmony also performed this in Harmony's dream sequence, however they never performed it on stage for the concert)
  • Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Sung by Freddie, Daisy, Spider, Laura, Andy, Teddy,....



JOINED The member makes their first entrance into the club.
REJOINED The member makes an entrance into the club, however, they have been in the club before.
QUIT The member chooses to leave the club, it is their decision to leave.
KICKED OUT The member is voted out by the group/director, with the member having no say in the decision.
REJECTED The member is not accepted into the club after auditioning.
TRANSFERRED The member transfers to another school, hence, no longer is a member of the club.
GRADUATED The member graduates from the school, meaning they no longer are a member of the club.
ACTIVE The member attends the club and participates.
INACTIVE The member is not a part of the club during this period and is inactive.
QUIT/REJOINED The member quits then rejoins the club in the same episode.
REJOINED/QUIT The member rejoins then quits the club in the same episode.
ABSENT The member is not present in glee club for the entire episode, due to sickness or other such activities, but is still a member of the club.

Note: Listed in order of original audition.

Season One TableEdit

  Season 1
Name/Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Harmony Harpse Kicked out Rejoined Active
Jason Hill Active
Liz Peep Active Suspended Active
Poppy Hill Active Transferred Rejoined Active Suspended Active
Mark LaTerri Joined Active Transferred
Freddie Weathers Rejected Joined Active Absent Active Graduated
Junette Harris Joined Active Quit/Rejoined Active
Justine Callaway Joined Active Quit/Rejoined Active
Sugar Motta Rejected Joined Active Quit Rejoined Absent Active Transferred
Teddy Mapp Joined Active Suspended Active
Amanda Evans Joined Active Suspended Active
Andy Jones Joined Active Suspended Active Absent Active
Laura Tomlinson Joined Active Quit/Rejoined Active
Rex Espley-Wilkes Joined Active Absent Active Suspended Absent Active
Tommy Barlow Joined Active Absent Active
Spider Reed Joined Active Absent Active
Simon Click Joined Active Absent Active
Carlton Ayers Joined Active Suspended Active Absent
Winter Delgado Joined Active Quit
Nick Young Joined Active
Daisy Evans Joined Active

Season Two TableEdit

  Season 2
Name/Episode 1
Harmony Harpse Quit
Jason Hill Active
Liz Peep Quit
Poppy Hill Active
Junette Harris Active
Justine Callaway Active
Sugar Motta Rejoined
Teddy Mapp Active
Amanda Evans Active
Andy Jones Active
Laura Tomlinson Active
Rex Espley-Wilkes Active
Tommy Barlow Active
Spider Reed Active
Simon Click Active
Carlton Ayers Quit
Winter Delgado Absent
Nick Young Active
Daisy Evans Active