Sugar Motta
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Ginger-Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Sexuality: Straight
Address: Lima, Ohio
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Al Motta (father)

Unknown mother

Relationships: Simon Click (boyfriend)
Friends: Ava Collins
The Super Girls
Simon Click
The Unitards (secretly)
Enemies: The Unitards (not truthfully her enemies though)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, cheerleading
Clique: The Super Girls
The Unitards (previously)
New Directions (previously)
The Troubletones (previously)
Education: Jackson High (current)
William McKinley High (previous)
Creator: Glee
Series Information
First appearance: In The Beginning
Portrayer: Vanessa Lengies
Sugar Motta is a recurring character on Glee: The Unitards. Sugar originated from Glee, attending McKinley High, and a part of the New Directions. She later transfers to Jackson High and auditions for The Unitards, the school's glee club. However, the director, Jesse St. James, didn't allow her a position, but after he quit, Shelby Corcoran, the new director, allowed her into the club. Shelby was Sugar's vocal coach and Troubletones director on Glee. She is now also a member of The Super Girls, the cheerleading team run by Margret Ellis, after new head cheerleader Ava Collins convinces her to join. It is shown that she actually wants to rejoin the glee club, although Ava is forcing her to stay out of the glee club. After the Jackson High school musical of The Wiz, Ava tells her how much she hates that glee club and says she's glad she's left, and questions Sugar whether she'd ever return there, and Sugar doesn't reply truthfully, but instead says she'd rather stay out of it for as long as possible. In Auditions, Part 1, it is revealed Sugar is dating Simon Click who has been one of her closest friends in the glee club and was her duet partner in Duets, Part 1 and Duets, Part 2. After Simon serenades Sugar, and through the song asks for her to kiss her, she does so, leaning in for a kiss.

Sugar is portrayed by actress, Vanessa Lengies and originated from Glee.


Season OneEdit


Season OneEdit



Solos (In A Group Number)Edit

Song Title Original Artist Sung With Episode Title
Domino Jessie J Harmony and The Unitards A Win?
Big White Room Winter, Harmony, Poppy, Justine and Carlton Bonus track on The Jessie J Album
Price Tag Jessie J ft. BOB The Unitards