Rex Espley-Wilkes
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Sexuality: Bisexual
Address: Defiance, Ohio
Aliases: Real Awesome Guy (Himself)
Family & Friends
Family: Mrs. Espley-Wilkes (Mother)
Mr. Espley-Wilkes (Father)
Jake Espley-Wilkes (Younger Brother)
Unnamed (Older Male-to-Female Transgender Sister)
Unnamed (Older Sister)
Relationships: Nick Young (crush; one-sided)
Friends: The Unitards
Amanda Evans (Best Friend)
Nick Young (Best Friend)
Enemies: The Super Girls
Angelo Jotts
Laura Tomlinson (previously)
Other Information
Interests: Video games, computing, technology, singing, Nick Young
Clique: The Unitards
Education: Jackson High School
Creator: Sooperpurple
Series Information
First appearance: Smooth Criminal
Portrayer: Logan Lerman
Rex Espley-Wilkes is a central character on Glee: The Unitards. Rex is a current member of the glee club at Jackson High, The Unitards, after his best friend Amanda Evans bribed him to join with video games. Rex is an avid gamer, playing all sorts of games. Rex is bisexual, but only Amanda knows, as well as Laura, as she was eaves-dropping their conversation in Smooth Criminal.

Rex Espley-Wilkes is portrayed by actor, Logan Lerman.


Season OneEdit

Smooth CriminalEdit

Preparation BeginsEdit

I Kissed a GirlEdit

While Rex is absent for the majority of the episode, he makes a small appearance at the end of the episode, where Amanda sings The Only Exception by Paramore, as a thank-you song to Rex for all the goodness he's brought her; for being her friend.

When Alcohol Is InvolvedEdit


Break UpEdit


A Win?Edit

One Will Always FollowEdit


Duets, Part 1

Duets, Part 2


Season OneEdit



Solos (In A Group)Edit

Song Title Original Artist Sung With Episode Title
As Long As You Love Me The Backstreet Boys Tommy, Andy, Freddie and Terri Preparation Begins
Price Tag Jessie J ft. BOB The Unitards Bonus track on The Jessie J Album
Gangnam Style PSY Tommy, Nick, Justine, Freddie, Brittany, Simon, Lilly and Amanda Reunited


  • Rex's younger brother is named Jake. There is a character named Jake Puckerman on Glee, and there's also another character in this fan fiction named Jake "Bolt" Bolter, who appeared in one episode as a background character, in June and Justine's maths class.
  • Rex's first known crush is on Nick Young.
  • Has a poster of Extreme Galaxy Wars hanging up in his bedroom. Jordan stated that this video game was made up by himself and in actuality, it is not an actual video game that can be purchased.
  • In I Kissed a Girl, it is described that Rex doesn't like the color pink and finds it to be a "sight to sore eyes," as he enters Amanda's pink-themed bedroom.

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