Season One, Episode Seventeen
Air date November 7, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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Reunited is the seventeeth episode for Season One of Glee: The Unitards. 


Harmony's sister Phoebe returns from New York, begging for money. Harmony becomes annoyed immediately because her sister started taking drugs and starting stealing things, therefore refuses to hand her the money. Spider breaks up with Laura because she was cheating on him with Ava. Meanwhile, Amanda takes a part-time job working at Breadstix and has a very bad first day. Amanda offers a helping hand to Harmony in organising the concert, and Riley makes a surprising return leaving Patrick to tell him to get out of his school. The concert begins, and Lilly makes a strange revisit after auditioning for the concert. Carlton is finally reunited with his mother after she kicked him out for being gay and Harmony eventually agrees to give Phoebe the money after the two negogiate to stop Phoebe taking drugs, and she leaves back to New York.


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Guest StarsEdit


  • This episode featured the most guest stars ever in an episode so far


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