One Will Always Follow
Season One, Arc Two, Episode Ten
Air date June 24, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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One Will Always Follow is the tenth episode of Season One of Glee: The Unitards. This episode will begin the second arc of season one. The main plot will be about recruiting new members for the glee club. The end results will be great, although, with the great times, comes the unfortunate bad times. This episode features heavily on Jason Hill and a new glee clubber, Winter Delgado.


When Jason performs a song in the courtyard, he meets a girl named Winter, who has an immediate attraction for him. This leads them to get to know each other. Is she all she seems and will she join the glee club? June also auditions for the school musical production of Wicked, for the part of Elphaba. Also, Teddy, Amanda and Rex are told by Harmony that they must count the votes from the Unitards to determine whether Jesse will stay as their director, with unexpected results.

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  • The first episode of the second arc of season one.
  • This is the debut episode for Winter Delgado.
  • This arc introduced the first episode where Carlton Ayers and Spider Percy Reed make an appearance as a regular character. Winter Delgado is also introduced in this episode as a regular cast member too.
  • Second time in an episode where all the songs are solos with the exception of a duet (Break-Up)
  • Second time in an episode where two characters with solos are featured in a duet together (Smooth Criminal)
  • This episode contains Jason's debut solo. It is also the first time he sings in any sort of song, despite being a series regular since the first episode, In The Beginning.
  • In the original plans, Matt Rutherford (Dijon Talton) was meant to appear in this episode but Jgal12 felt his part was unnecessary and wrote him out.
  • This episode was previously going to be titled "Sheepish Walking", as sheep follow each other, but then the title was changed to "One Will Always Follow".


Created by Jgal12

Jgal12's Glee The Unitards - One Will Always Follow (PROMO)

Jgal12's Glee The Unitards - One Will Always Follow (PROMO)

Original, official promo for "One Will Always Follow"


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