Jackson High School is the name of the high school that Glee: The Unitards is most commonly set at.

The glee club at the school is The Unitards and is run by Jesse St. James, and previously Shelby Corcoran, and even previously Mr. Happison. The lead performer of The Unitards is Harmony Harpse who is also the co-captian of the club along with her boyfriend, Mark LaTerri, the supposed-to-be lead performer was Amanda Evans. The cheerleading squad is called The Super Girls and is run by Margret Ellis, the head cheerleader currently is Ava Collins and was previously Laura Tomlinson. Other clubs that have seen to exist are the Dance Club, the Debating Team, and the French Extension Club. Jackson High also has private musical instrument lessons one-on-one with a staff member and the student.

Patrick Jelly has been the principal of the school for over five years, until in he was fired in Be Strong. It was later revealed that Riley Hadberg had taken over and slowly the students realize how mean he has become and has started to use his power as principal incorrectly. Students Poppy Hill and Harmony Harpse attempted to get Mr. Hadberg fired and give Mr. Jelly his rightful position as principal back. They decided on creating a short presentation highlighting the "cruel" ways of Mr. Hadberg. Later, in Auditions, Part 2, Mr. Jelly is revealed to be invited back to the school.

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Amy Sky English Teacher
History Teacher
Individual Private Musical Instrument Lessons
April Rhodes Former Glee Club Co-Director (The Unitards)
Ginger McCliff Guidance Counselor
English Teacher
Jesse St. James Glee Club Director (The Unitards)
Individual Private Musical Instrument Lessons
Head of Music Learning Area
Margret Ellis Cheerleading Coach (The Super Girls)
Home Economics Teacher
Patrick Jelly Principal
Riley Hadberg Former English Teacher
Former Technologies Teacher
Former Mathematics Teacher
Former Principal
Shelby Corcoran Former Glee Club Director (The Unitards)
Former History Teacher
Former Mathematics Teacher
Violette Indigo Head of Visual Arts Learning Area
Visual Arts Teacher
Home Economics Teacher
  • Numerous other teachers have made uncredited non-speaking appearances in the background.

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