I Kissed a Girl
Season One, Arc One, Episode Four
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Air date February 26, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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Preparation Begins
When Alcohol Is Involved
For a song with the same title, please see I Kissed a Girl (song).
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I Kissed a Girl
is the fourth episode to the the first season of Glee: The Unitards.


When Poppy's dog eats her homework, she begins to stress. Laura experiments at being a lesbian and threatens June and Justine into not telling anyone. Meanwhile, two more auditions are held for the Unitards. Teddy thinks she has no friends, but Shelby brings her confidence back up, only to be brought back down again. The lover to June is revealed to be Tommy. Andy can't take in the fact that the two of them are dating. Amanda expresses her friendship with Rex strongly, thanking him for all the goodness he's brought her.

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  • The story of Laura experimenting at being a lesbian was supposed to be carried on further in later episodes, but Gleekfan101 revealed that somewhere along the lines, the storyline seemed to have disappeared. In other words, so many things were going on with other characters in other episodes, that the storyline wasn't considered for the other episodes. Although, in the future episodes of Season One, it was continued.
  • Animal by Neon Trees was originally meant to be used in this episode but was cut due to Gleekfan101's lack of writing time. It was to be sung by Jason Hill, Simon Click, Rex Espley-Wilkes and Tommy Barlow. It may be used in a future episode however.
  • This is the first episode to not include a voiceover from a character. The first three episodes (In The Beginning, Smooth Criminal, and Preparation Begins), all included at least one voiceover. The second episode not to include a voice-over is the following episode, When Alcohol Is Involved.

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