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Get together in When Alcohol Is Involved, break up in Spying, re-kindle in Break Up.

The Harmony-Terri Relationship, or more commonly referred to as Harmonerri, is the loving relationship between Harmony Harpse and Mark "Terri" LaTerri. Harmony first meets Terri in the pilot episode of Season One, In The Beginning, in the cafeteria, where Terri tells Harmony he'd like to audition for The Unitards. Over the next few episodes, they become good friends. In When Alcohol Is Involved, at the official Unitards party, they admit to having feelings to each other and share their first kiss. In Spying, Harmony gets angry at Terri for telling Tommy and Spider about their relationship, as Harmony wanted it to be kept a secret, although in the next episode, Break Up, they sort out their problems and Harmony apologizes for getting angry at him. Since, they have remained together in a relationship, and have even gone on to become both of the co-captains of The Unitards.



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