Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 1

Announce date:

18th April, 2012

Release date:

5th May, 2012

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Glee: The Music, The Unitards, The Jessie J Album

Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 1 is an unofficial Glee album, containing tracks from Glee: The Unitards. The album tracks are all from the first arc of season one, which are episodes one to nine: In The Beginning to Popularity. The songs from episode nine, A Win? would have been included, but because the episode was a tribute to Jessie J, they were featured on Glee: The Music, The Unitards, The Jessie J Album instead.

Featured SoloistsEdit

(In order of appearance on album)

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Episodes FeaturedEdit

All of the episodes featured were from Arc One of Season One.

The list below contains all the episodes that had songs featured on this album:

The following Arc 1 episodes were discluded from this album as the songs were featured elsewhere:


Track No. Song Title Original Artist/s Featured Artist/s Episode Title
1. Abracadabra Jessie J Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Dakota Fanning (Liz) and Jordin Sparks (Poppy) In The Beginning
2. My Favorite Things From The Sound of Music Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
3. Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson Jonathan Groff (Jesse) and Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) Smooth Criminal
4. Like It Like That Guy Sebastian Alex Pettyfer (Terri) and Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
5. As Long As You Love Me The Backstreet Boys James Maslow (Tommy), Logan Lerman (Rex), Cameron Mitchell (Andy), Robbie Amell (Freddie) and Alex Pettyfer (Terri) Preparation Begins
6. Black Betty Ram Jam Raina Hein (Teddy), Freya Mavor (Amanda), Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Alex Pettyfer (Terri), Robbie Amell (Freddie) and James Maslow (Tommy)
7. Ain't No Mountain High Enough Tammi Terell and Marvin Gaye Jordin Sparks (Poppy) and Robbie Amell (Freddie)
8. Bohemian Rhapsody Queen Jonathan Groff (Jesse) and Robbie Amell (Freddie)
9. One Way or Another Blondie Raina Hein (Teddy) I Kissed a Girl
10. Build Me Up, Buttercup The Foundations Bonnie Wright (June) and James Maslow (Tommy)
11. The Only Exception Paramore Freya Mavor (Amanda)
12. I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry Rita Ora (Laura), Bonnie Wright (June) and Emily Didonato (Justine)
13. Honey, Honey ABBA Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) and Alex Pettyfer (Terri) When Alcohol Is Involved
14. You And I Lady Gaga Idina Menzel (Shelby)
15. And I Love Her The Beatles James Maslow (Tommy), Samuel Larsen (Spider) and Alex Pettyfer (Terri) Spying
16. Part of Me Katy Perry Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
17. I Love You, I Do From Dreamgirls Alex Newell (Carlton)
18. Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen Bonnie Wright (June) Break Up
19. Back to December Taylor Swift Hannah McIalwain (Lilly)
20. When You Believe Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston Alex Newell (Carlton) and Jordin Sparks (Poppy) Popularity
21. Popular From Wicked Emily Didonato (Justine)
22. Give Me All Your Luvin' Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj and MIA Emily Didonato (Justine), Rita Ora (Laura) and Bonnie Wright (June)

Solo CountsEdit

3 points is given to characters who sing a solo, 2 points to someone who sings a duet with one other character, and 1 point to someone who sings in a group number with other characters.

  1. Harmony - 14 points
  2. Terri - 7 points
  3. Freddie - 6 points
  4. Poppy, Justine, June, Tommy, Carlton - 5 points
  5. Jesse, Amanda, Teddy - 4 points
  6. Shelby, Lilly - 3 points
  7. Laura - 2 points
  8. Liz, Spider, Rex, Andy - 1 point


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