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October 12, 2012

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Glee: The Music, The Unitards, The Wiz Album is an unofficial Glee album. It features songs entirely from the original musical, The Wiz. All of the songs are from the fifteenth episode to Season One of Glee: The Unitards, He's The Wizard (although many were cut and included exclusively on this album). In this episode The Unitards perform The Wiz as their annual school musical production. The album cover art and tracklist were released on October 12, 2012, three days after the release date of He's The Wizard.

Featured SoloistsEdit

(In order of appearance on album)

The following main cast members were absent/discluded on this album:


  • Please note all songs are from He's The Wizard, or cut from it (BONUS TRACKS ARE MARKED WITH A *)
  • Please also note all songs are originally by The Wiz.

No. Song Title Featured Artist/s
1. Y'All Got It! Josh Hutcherson (Jason) with Citizens of Oz
2. He's The Wiz Emily Didonato (Justine) with Munchkins & Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
3. The Feeling We Once Had Amy Adams (Amy) with Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
4. Soon As I Get Home Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
5. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News Bonnie Wright (June)
6. Home Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
7. Everybody Rejoice (A Brand New Day) Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Alex Pettyfer (Terri), James Maslow (Tommy) & Robbie Ammell (Freddie)
8. You Can't Win* Alex Pettyfer (Terri) with Crows
9. I'm a Mean Ole Lion* James Maslow (Tommy)
10. Believe in Yourself (Reprise)* Christian Serratos (Winter)
11. Slide Some Oil to Me* Robbie Ammell (Freddie)
12. I Was Born (On the Day Before Yesterday)* Alex Pettyfer (Terri) with Crows
13. So You Wanted to Meet the Wizard* Josh Hutcherson (Jason)
14. Be a Lion* Lindsay Pearce (Harmony)
15. Ease on Down the Road* Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) & Alex Pettyfer (Terri)

Solo CountsEdit

3 points is given to characters who sing a solo, 2 points to someone who sings a duet with one other character, and 1 point to someone who sings in a group number with other characters. Half a point (.5) is given to back-up.

  1. Harmony - 11 points
  2. Terri - 7 points
  3. Jason - 6 points
  4. Freddie & Tommy - 4 points
  5. Justine, Winter, June & Amy - 3 points
  6. Crows - 1 point
  7. Munchkins - 0.5 points


  • The only song featured on this album that was not originally used in the original musical version of The Wiz is "You Can't Win" which was performed by Michael Jackson only in the movie version, replacing the song "I Was Born on the Day Before Yesterday" which was the musical version of the song.
  • The following songs were discluded from this album and the episode for numerous reasons, some of them being that the songs were only used in variations of the musical, some were sung by characters that hadn't been cast (the monkeys for "Funky Monkeys"), some songs were irrelevant to the storyline, etc. (in brackets is listed the character/s who would have sung it, playing their respective roles):
    • Kalidah Battle (Harmony, Tommy, Terri and Freddie)
    • Lion's Dream (Tommy)
    • Emerald City Ballet (Harmony, Tommy, Terri and Freddie)
    • What Would I Do If I Could Feel? (Freddie)
    • Wonder Wonder Why (Harmony)
    • Funky Monkeys (Monkeys)
    • Who Do You Think You Are? (Harmony, Tommy, Terri and Freddie)
    • A Rested Body is a Rested Mind (Winter)
    • Believe In Yourself (non-reprise version) (Jason)
  • The "Believe In Yourself" featured on this album was the reprise version. The other one is the non-reprise version which was sung by The Wizard (which would have been sung by Jason)
  • This is the first tribute album to a musical.


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