Glee: The Music, The Unitards, The Jessie J Album


May 3, 2012

Release Date:

September 13, 2012

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Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 1

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Glee: The Music, The Unitards, Volume 2

Glee: The Music, The Unitards, The Jessie J Album is a tribute album to Jessie J. It include ten songs from episode nine, as that episode was a tribute episode to Jessie J, plus another song used in the season premiere episode, as well as two bonus tracks not featured in an episode to date.

Featured SoloistsEdit

(In order of appearance on album)

Main CastEdit

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Featured EpisodesEdit

The majority of the songs appeared in the episode A Win?, however one appeared in In The Beginning, and two were bonus tracks, therefore not being featured in an episode at all.


No. Song Title Original Artist/s Featured Artist/s Episode Title
1. Abracadabra Jessie J Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Dakota Fanning (Liz) and Jordin Sparks (Poppy) In The Beginning
2. Who's Laughing Now Jessie J Jordin Sparks (Poppy) A Win?
3. LaserLight David Guetta ft. Jessie J Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) and Rita Ora (Laura) A Win?
4. Nobody's Perfect Jessie J Jordin Sparks (Poppy) A Win?
5. I Need This Jessie J Alex Newell (Carlton) A Win?
6. Domino Jessie J Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) with Freya Mavor (Amanda), Raina Hein (Teddy), Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) and Dakota Fanning (Liz) A Win?
7. Stand Up Jessie J Emily Didonato (Justine) and Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) A Win?
8. Rainbow Jessie J Jordin Sparks (Poppy), Alex Newell (Carlton), Lindsay Pearce (Harmony) and Emily Didonato (Justine) A Win?
9.* Big White Room Jessie J Christian Serratos (Winter), Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Jordin Sparks (Poppy), Vanessa Lengies (Sugar), Alex Newell (Carlton) and Emily Didonato (Justine) N/A
10.* Price Tag Jessie J ft. BOB Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Jordin Sparks (Poppy), Vanessa Lengies (Sugar), Freya Mavor (Amanda), Logan Lerman (Rex), Dan Benson (Simon), Rita Ora (Laura), Josh Hutcherson (Jason), Raina Hein (Teddy), Dakota Fanning (Liz), Bonnie Wright (June) and James Maslow (Tommy) N/A
  • A star (*') indicates a bonus track

Solo CountsEdit

3 points is given to characters who sing a solo, 2 points to someone who sings a duet with one other character, and 1 point to someone who sings in a group number with other characters.

  1. Poppy & Harmony - 10 points
  2. Carlton - 4 points
  3. Liz, Laura, Justine & Sugar - 3 points
  4. Amanda & Teddy - 2 points
  5. Jason, Simon, June, Tommy, Rex & Winter - 1 point

Absent Main CastEdit

The following main cast members did not have vocals featured on this album:


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