Be Strong
Season One, Arc Two, Episode Thirteen
Air date September 7, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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Be Strong
is the thirteenth episode to Season One of Glee: The Unitards


When Tommy doesn't turn up to school because of the flu, June worries that he doesn't love her anymore, but Justine tells her that he does, and that at least she has a boyfriend, unlike her. Also, when rumors go around about Laura being a lesbian, Spider breaks up with her, even though the rumors aren't true. Laura is devastated and very sad, so she later tells Spider truth, which is that she's actually a bisexual, not a lesbian, and they get back together. They also go one step further and have sex. Meanwhile, Sugar's attempt at becoming more popular results in her joining The Super Girls with Ava, who is the new head cheerleader after Laura was kicked off the squad. Simon also tries to win back the friendship of Sugar, as he becomes jealous of Ava, as does she of Simon. Another thing that happened was that Poppy, Carlton, Rex, Amanda, Teddy and Liz were caught skipping school by Mr. Hadberg. This lead to Mr. Jelly getting fired as principal due to "not being strict enough" because he only gave a three day lunch time detention to them. Meanwhile, Winter gets stressed over being bisexual and wonders what she would do if her parents kicked her out, but she then tries to reassure herself she'll be fine and to be strong, leading her to sing a song. Simon secretly watches it and asks if she wants to perform a duet in glee club, and she agrees, so they do so.

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  • Me Party from The Muppets Movie. Sung by June and Justine.
  • California King Bed by Rihanna. Sung by Laura.
  • Cuz I Can by P!nk. Sung by Ava and Sugar with the Super Girls.
  • Is This Love by Bob Marley. Sung by Spider.
  • Be Strong by Delta Goodrem. Sung by Winter.
  • Both of Us by Taylor Swift and BOB. Sung by Winter and Simon.

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