Auditions, Part 2
Season One, Episode Sixteen, Part Two
Air date October 21, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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Auditions, Part 1
AUDITIONS, PART 2Auditions, Part 2 is the sixteenth episode for Season One of Glee: The Unitards. This is the second half of Auditions, although both parts are acknowledged as one episode.


Auditions continue and Laura auditions. Carlton, Poppy and Liz all audition together, and Liz convinces Teddy to audition by herself. Justine, June and Tommy also end up auditioning but as a group. Meanwhile, Laura tries to convince Spider to audition with her for the concert, to which he eventually agrees, leading Laura to withdraw her previous solo audition to audition with Spider. Harmony and Poppy visit Mr. Jelly and plan to get his job back as principal, as well as removing the cruel Mr. Hadberg. At first, Patrick declines, but later it is revealed that he has agreed, and the three have composed a presentation highlighting the cruel ways of Mr. Hadberg. They state they have sent it in to the education department, whom can easily remove his position. Nick Young also makes his debut, auditioning for The Unitards, and it is later revealed through Amanda and Rex's audition song that Patrick has finally got his rightful job back as principal of Jackson High


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