Auditions, Part 1
Season One, Episode Sixteen, Part One
Air date October 21, 2012
Written by Jgal12
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He's The Wizard
Auditions, Part 2
AUDITIONS, PART ONEAuditions, Part One is the sixteenth episode for Season One of Glee: The Unitards. It is obviously the first half but is still to be acknowledged as one episode overall. It was released on the same date as Auditions, Part 2.

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When Mr. Hadberg cuts most of The Unitards budget for their bus trip to Regionals, Jesse and April decide to host a concert that will be held at Jackson High, with the funds from the tickets bought being spent on their bus trip. Auditions begin, and Freddie, a new girl namedDaisy, as well as Simon and unexpectedly Ava, and even more surprisingly, Brittany Pierce, audition for the concert. Meanwhile, Harmony decides to help Winter with her audition and they audition together. Freddie tries to pursue a relationship with Daisy, although she declines, due to her risking her high popularity. Simon finally starts dating Sugar secretly, and a shocking secret is revealed about Laura. She has been secretly in a relationship with Ava, and Spiderfinds out, although he keeps it a secret.


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